A commitment with the quality.

In graphics99.org we understand that the quality does not have to be fought with the price, and thanks to our experience in the sector we always offer the most suitable solutions for each client, basing us on its concrete needs and the budget that can invest.

As much in graphical design as in solutions for Internet, once the work has been finalized and given, we followed in contact with the client so that when it needs this it, we pruned to advise to him or to make modifications of the elements given agreed to its new needs.



- graphics99.org is a study of design and creción of Web sites and graphical design whose main objective is to offer solutions to companies and individuals that need to have or to improve their presence in Internet and its corporative image.

Using the most modern technology (DHTML, Flash, ASP, PHP.) and our experience of 10 years in the sector, we offer a production system of the maximum quality and to the most competitive price of the market, as much for applications Web as for graphical design, corporative image and publicity.

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Our philosophy


We look for the esthetic functionality and through the simplicity, but always adapting our designs to the needs and ideas of our clients.

We understand that when a client decides to ask for services of design or creation Web she needs fast solutions, reason why as soon as a project takes shape, we are put immediately to work in the same, always maintaining the downtimes decided.

We know that the amount to invest in a graphical project is quite important for small and medians companies, and for that reason always we offer fit budgets, without “information” hides that it increases the price according to the project is developed. The price indicated in the beginning of the project is the price at the end of the project.

Our greater assets are our clients, and we are proud of being able to affirm that the great majority of them not only resorts when they need more graphical solutions and Internet, if not that also recommend our services to their collaborators.

It does not doubt in requesting advice to us if it needs our services.

A greeting.

Jose M. Martinez.
Creative director.


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